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"Our timeless designs are individually and expertly handcrafted with passion."


Each piece of Heritage furniture is handcrafted in Southland by our small team of craftsmen from start to finish. We use traditional methods, i.e. drawers that are dovetailed and hand fitted to each cavity, joints that are dowelled and glued, with the utmost attention to detail which make our range of furniture strong and robust for every day family living. We finish each piece by hand to give our furniture the kind of workmanship that sets it apart.

We pride ourselves on maintaining traditional furniture making techniques. Our quality construction and hand-finishing details means Heritage Furniture is built to last for future generations. We believe furniture should be made to stand the test of time, both in design, appearance and quality.

Our Timber

We buy in the best New Zealand and Imported timbers we can source. They are kiln dried as well as our reserve we keep to season it further. The traditional techniques we use to make our furniture also ensure the minimum adverse effects from seasonal movement. As a natural material there is a large variation in grain and colour so we hand match timber to give the best appearance in the finished pieces.

Aged Furniture Look

After construction each surface area is hand planed many times to achieve a softened aged look. Layers of furniture stain are then hand applied building up to a rich luminous colour. Once dried the timber is finished either in hard wearing lacquers or waxed finishes, Perfect for the demands of modern day living.

Solid oak timber is used for its good looks, hardness and durability. The timber is sustainably grown and harvested in the United States. The trees are pruned regularly to ensure regular grain patterns and fewer knots, ensuring exceptionally strong timber of the utmost quality. New Zealand beech and Rimu is also available.

Aging of furniture
Aging of furniture


In our modern showroom you can come and view pieces that can be bought off the floor. We are proud to be able to maintain the traditional handcrafted feel with our furniture which you can tell is handcrafted not machine made.  Although we can produce a range of looks, our showroom showcases furniture with simple clean lines in a timeless style. 


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